El bloc del foment de les vocacions científiques

Programes que promouen l’excel·lència educativa i fomenten les vocacions científiques

This summer BIYSC welcomes students from all over the world to take part of the second edition of the program!

Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge 2017 will bring together students from 18 countries to stimulate scientific talent. After the success of the first edition, BIYSC returns this summer with new … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! Taking a closer look at DNA: using sequencing to explore evolution and biodiversity

Does the fish that is sold at the market really belong to the specimen that it is told us? Do you want to be the first to catalogue new living organisms … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC: Reading the book of Life: isolate, sequence and read DNA!

By Nieves Lorenzo (PhD Student at CRG), Juanjo Fraire (Postdoctoral Researcher at CRG), & Annick Labeeuw  (Citizen Science Project Manager) co-coordinators of the BIYSC project “Taking a closer look at DNA: … Continua llegint

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