El bloc del foment de les vocacions científiques

Programes que promouen l’excel·lència educativa i fomenten les vocacions científiques

Join us at BIYSC! Instructive biomaterials for regenerative medicine

Eager to become an expert of regenerative medicine by building bioactive scaffolds? Join us at the two-week excellence program Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) of Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation and feel like … Continua llegint

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Premi BIYSC 2016: ‘Be Passionate With Attitude Award’

La Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera i la Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas han concedit als estudiants Jordi Jumilla i Míriam Condeminas, participants del programa Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) 2016, … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! Unravelling the invisible

By Ana Belén Martínez (Communications and Outreach manager at the ALBA Synchrotron Facility) Our eyes are a precious and powerful instrument to discover the world that surrounds us. They help … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! Bioethics & Science

By Núria Terribas, Executive Director of the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation The modification of our DNA, personalized medicine, robotics, the neurosciences… Scientific progress always has ethical implications. How will … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC: Reading the book of Life: isolate, sequence and read DNA!

By Nieves Lorenzo (PhD Student at CRG), Juanjo Fraire (Postdoctoral Researcher at CRG), & Annick Labeeuw  (Citizen Science Project Manager) co-coordinators of the BIYSC project “Taking a closer look at DNA: … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! Learn how to build a synthetic nervous system for robots.

By Marti Sanchez  (Computer Scientist with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, researcher in biologically constrained synthetic systems at SPECS UPF, Barcelona), coordinator of the BIYSC project  “Neuro-Robotics as a tool to … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! To discover the crucial role of nanophotonics in health, communications, energy, environmental sciences and industry.

By Marta García-Matos (Writer and project manager at ICFO’s outreach team. Co-coordinator of the BIYSC project at ICFO “NanoLight: Light and Matter at the Nanoscale”  together with Federica Beduini, project manager … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! Get on board this DNA-to-protein journey

By Muriel Arimon (Public Engagement and Science Education Officer at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, IRB Barcelona), BIYSC Coordinator of the project “From DNA to protein-related diseases” Have you ever … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! If you were to discover a new species, what would you name it?

By  Jordi Lanuza (Communications Manager at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), BIYSC Coordinator of the project “Uncovering the hidden diversity of the oceans”. For more than 3 billion years, … Continua llegint

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Join us at BIYSC! Understanding the clues of cell construction in eukaryotes

By  Josep M. Fernández-Novell (Prof. at University of Barcelona (UB) Faculty of Biology – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department), BIYSC Coordinator of the project “Biogenesis of endoplasmic reticulum and its relevance … Continua llegint

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De “Joves i ciència” al món! “Wow, que guai! Vull continuar en ciència”

Ens apassionen les històries dels Joves i ciència! En Roger ha volgut compartir la seva amb nosaltres i quan sentim aquell “mil gràcies per aquesta fantàstica oportunitat. Ha contribuït i contribuirà … Continua llegint

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Youth Science: 9 anys promovent l’esforç i l’excel·lència educativa per fomentar les vocacions científiques entre els joves

L’any 2008 començava a fer-se realitat un projecte: Youth Science, una plataforma de Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera que engloba diferents projectes per apropar la ciència als joves. Aquell any, els primers Joves … Continua llegint

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Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC): T’hi apuntes? Are you in? ¿Te apuntas?

Vídeo: Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC)   Aquestes dies estem presentant el Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC)  en diferents fòrums! In recent days we have presented the Barcelona International Youth … Continua llegint

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