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Join us at BIYSC! Computational study of coffee compounds for cancer prevention

Ready to challenge informatics to discover the anticancerigenous properties of your breakfast?

The two-week excellence program Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) of Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation offers young students from all over the world the opportunity to experience of being a computational researcher on the emerging field of computer-aided protein engineering at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS).

Some molecules present in your breakfast are potential inhibitors of cancer cell proliferation. Unfortunately, their concentration in your coffee and cereals is very low, making extraction an unpractical way to obtain them. Nonetheless, we can produce them with enzymes. Gerard Santiago and Ferran Sancho, researchers of BSC and responsibles of this project, encourage young students to join them to design their own enzyme variant in order to speed up the production of a compound of industrial interest with applications in cancer prevention. The participants will acquire bioinformatic skills in protein design, simulating the specified industrial conditions and the interaction between several substrates and the protein.

Would you like to live the experience of working as a computational researcher? Join us at BIYSC and be part of a real anticancer investigation!

Visita el webDo you love science? Apply now!

Check all the information at www.biysc.org.


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