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Join us at BIYSC! DETECTA: measuring cosmic rays coming from the Universe

How can we study the Universe from Earth?

Discover with us the cosmic rays and learn how to build your own detector! Scientists of the Institute of High Energy Physics (IFAE) encourage young students to experience a true experimental scientific challenge in DETECTA, a project included in the two-week excellence program Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) of Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation.

The participants will set up and use a detector to see how subatomic particles behave, being able to grasp a reality that is way beyond our eyes. Dr. Federico Sánchez, physicist researcher at the IFAE and coordinator of the project, invites young students to participate in the study of the cosmic rays, asking their own questions and developing their own project with the aim of solving the mistery they convey.

The participants will have the opportunity to be involved in the electronic setup and testing of a gas detector, which is used to detect particles such as alpha or beta particles coming from radioactive or cosmic sources. The students will learn the basics about particle detection and work with Arduino electronics and programming to put into practice the concepts learned. They will work hand by hand with IFAE researchers who will guide them through the experience.


Are you eager to design experiments to visualize the building bocks of the Universe like experimental physicists do? DETECTA is your project!

Do you love science? Apply now!

Check all the information at www.biysc.org.


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