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Join us at BIYSC! Neuro-robotics as a tool to understand the brain

Do you want to understand the brain by building robots?

During the two-week excellence program Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) of Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation, participants will live a world-class experience by working hands-on in the project “Neuro-Robotics as a tool to understand the brain”, coordinated by the laboratory of Synthetic, Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems (SPECS) at the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF). Dr. Martí Sánchez-Fibla, Computer Scientist in SPECS and coordinator of the project, shares with us his experience in BIYSC together with Laia De La Torre, participant in BIYSC 2016.

In this project, the students will build and program Arduino-Robots to understand the simplest animals in terms of its neuronal organization and its behavior. Starting from simple reactive to adaptive (simplest learning) and contextual behaviors (including memory and learning), the participants will be able to present a diversity of tasks that simple animals need to solve for survival. The final mission is to understand the brain by implementing brain models into robots to finally go back to the brain and be able to repair it.
If you are passionate about scientific research, computer science and robotics this is a great opportunity to stimulate your scientific talent and to share your enthusiasm with young students from all over the world.

Visita el webDo you love science? Apply now!

Check all the information at www.biysc.org.


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