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Join us at BIYSC! Bioethics & Science

By Núria Terribas, Executive Director of the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation

The modification of our DNA, personalized medicine, robotics, the neurosciences… Scientific progress always has ethical implications. How will it affect the citizens? Who will benefit? Where are the boundaries? Does its development undermine any ethical principles? As science advances, so it raises new questions that no scientist can ignore. And this is one of the challenges that BIYSC sets: how to include bioethics in your project. Are you ready?

bioethics and science

Bioethics is a young discipline, born in response to abuses committed in the past in the course of experiments and research conducted on human beings, during the II World War. Bioethics is a relevant discipline not only in the healthcare field, in other scientific disciplines and the social sciences too. So, it applies to all BIYSC projects. Bioethics is becoming an increasingly important component of research, with its application extending far beyond mere compliance with good clinical and research practice. Principles and values are among the qualities that define a good researcher.

But where should we start? To ensure that bioethics is truly integrated into your project, you need to incorporate an ethical approach into every stage of your research, from the initial proposal, through the development stage, to presentation of the results. Resource management, social and environmental impacts, the impact on individuals and citizens in general, cost and potential social benefits are some of the issues that will arise at some stage during your research.

In the debate as part of the BIYSC on 14 July, we will provide some guidelines to explain how to apply this in practice. And there is also a prize. The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation sponsors one of the BIYSC prizes, which consists of registration for an international scientific event. Your project could be the winner!

Do you want to learn how to include bioethics in your research project?  Are you ready?. APPLY NOW!

logo BIYSC Victor Grífols Foundation

BIYSC is an International Scientific Challenge programme, that aims to connect the most passionate science students with the best researchers in their field. Registrations are open, do not lose your place! If you like science and you are between 16-19 years-old you cannot miss BIYSC from July 11th to 22nd 2016 in ‪#‎Barcelona! 10 projects, 10 ‪‎research centers, two weeks of practical courses to work in research centers side-by-side with researchers, ‪scientific conferences, debates, visits to the research centers and much more! Are you in? www.biysc.org

The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation was created in 1998 with the mission of promoting bioethics through dialogue between specialists in a range of areas. The Foundation seeks to foster ethical attitudes in organizations, companies and individuals active in the field of human health. To carry out this mission, the Foundation promotes research in specific areas of bioethics by awarding grants and prizes; it organizes conferences, seminars and workshops that raise awareness of and explore the ethical issues that are constantly encountered in the life and medical sciences; and it works with organizations, universities and other educational institutes to conduct research and to produce publications that contribute to a deeper understanding of the ethics of life.

The Foundation is ranked among the ten most transparent family and corporate foundations in Spain, according to the 2015 Ranking of the Building Trust report, published by the Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia, a Spanish foundation whose aim is to promote good governance, transparency, accountability and a positive social impact.

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