El bloc del foment de les vocacions científiques

Programes que promouen l’excel·lència educativa i fomenten les vocacions científiques

Join us at BIYSC! To discover the crucial role of nanophotonics in health, communications, energy, environmental sciences and industry.

By Marta García-Matos (Writer and project manager at ICFO’s outreach team. Co-coordinator of the BIYSC project at ICFO “NanoLight: Light and Matter at the Nanoscale”  together with Federica Beduini, project manager at ICFO’s outreach team and Silvia Carrasco, head of ICFO’s KTT team.)

Discover how invisibility cloaks are related to medieval rose windows, quantum computation, and the fight against global warming. Find the common ingredient in the hottest trends in solar energy, early cancer diagnosis, and noninvasive phototherapies. All these phenomena are tied up by the fascinating interaction of light with nanomaterials. Come and learn the basics of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale, take part in the fabrication process of your own nanoparticles, and build a laboratory set to explore the interaction of light with living cells!


Light is energy. And light is a carrier of information. Being able to control light at the nanoscale means, roughly speaking, that we can engineer materials to deal with energy and information with accuracy and precision unreachable before the arrival of nanotechnology.

In this course, we have focused on the interaction of light with metallic nanoparticles. You will be asked to solve a series of chained challenges –which go from aligning an optical experiment to being part of the process of nanofabrication– with the ultimate goal of controlling and measuring heat generation at the nanoscale. You will have to build on the scientific method, be an active part of a working research team, approach a practical problem from interdisciplinary perspectives, and integrate the content of the theory sessions, being able to contrast it through practical as well as discussion and brainstorming sessions.

Join us at BIYSC! To discover the crucial role of nanophotonics in health, communications, energy, environmental sciences, industry. Understand the basic physics behind the interaction of light and nanostructures and to learn different techniques involved in the process of nanofabrication. Be challenged into research life at the very frontier of science in optics and photonics. Discover the importance of teamwork and multidisciplinary education. Learn how to effectively communicate research results. And finally, and not less important, spend time and share views with we ICFOnians!


BIYSC is an International Scientific Challenge programme, that aims to connect the most passionate science students with the best researchers in their field. Registrations are open, do not lose your place! If you like science and you are between 16-19 years-old you cannot miss BIYSC from July 11th to 22nd 2016 in ‪#‎Barcelona! 10 projects, 10 ‪#‎research centers, two weeks of practical courses to work in research centers side-by-side with researchers, ‪#‎scientific conferences, debates, visits to the research centers and much more! Are you in? www.biysc.org

ICFO was created in 2002 by the regional Government of Catalonia and the Technical University of Catalonia. ICFO currently hosts more than 300 researchers organized in 22 research groups working in 60 state-of-the-art research laboratories, equipped with the latest experimental facilities and supported by a range of cutting-edge facilities for nanofabrication, characterization, imaging and engineering. ICFO hosts 13 ICREA Research professors, 18 European Research Council projects and 6 Fundació Cellex Barcelona Nest Fellows. ICFO participates actively in Photonics21 and in the European Photonics Industry Consortium. ICFO is also very proactive in fostering entrepreneurial activities and spin-off creation. To date ICFO has helped create 5 start-up companies. The centre participates in incubator activities and seeks to attract venture capital investment. ICFO actively promotes Outreach activities through its Knowledge and Technology Transfer Unit (KTT). ICFO is part of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST).

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