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Join us at BIYSC! Get on board this DNA-to-protein journey

By Muriel Arimon (Public Engagement and Science Education Officer at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, IRB Barcelona), BIYSC Coordinator of the project “From DNA to protein-related diseases”

IRB BarcelonaHave you ever wondered what shape your proteins have? Or how important the shape of a protein is? We all know that physical appearance is not the most important quality of a person, but what about for a protein? A protein’s shape, or its structure, strongly correlates with its specific function. A slight modification in its conformation might have catastrophic consequences on its performance and interactions with other proteins… and can sometimes lead to disease.

During IRB Barcelona’s BIYSC course “From DNA to protein-related diseases” we will dive deep into the relationship between the structure and function of proteins, and will assess how a tiny change in a DNA base pair can have a profound impact on the function of a certain proteins involved in disease.

IRB Barcelona 2

From basic cloning and biochemical techniques to computational biology, you will have the chance to see and practice how scientists produce proteins, and how they overcome the challenges of crystallizing them, a key step in figuring out their shape. By the end of the course you will have a broad overview of the different disciplines needed in today’s biomedical research, as well as a hands-on look at the techniques our scientists use to understand the processes behind disease, and to propose new treatments for them.

Take the challenge and get your lab coat on: come climb the ladder of life with us!

Join us at BIYSC! Discover how small mutations in our DNA can lead to changes in the communication between proteins, and trigger human disease. In this project you will learn that some diseases, such as cancer or neurodegenerative disorders, start to develop inside single cells and end up affecting the whole body. This project will show you that before we can treat a disease and diagnose it, we have to get into the lab, study it and understand its molecular mechanism.  APPLY NOW!

logo BIYSC IRB Barcelona

BIYSC is an International Scientific Challenge programme, that aims to connect the most passionate science students with the best researchers in their field. Registrations are open, do not lose your place! If you like science and you are between 16-19 years-old you cannot miss BIYSC from July 11th to 22nd 2016 in ‪#‎Barcelona! 10 projects, 10 ‪#‎research centers, two weeks of practical courses to work in research centers side-by-side with researchers, ‪#‎scientific conferences, debates, visits to the research centers and much more! Are you in? www.biysc.org

The Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) is a world-class research centre devoted to understanding fundamental questions about human health and disease. It was founded in October 2005 by the Government of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona, and is located at the Barcelona Science Park.

IRB Barcelona is engaged in basic and applied research at the unique interface between molecular and cell biology, computational and structural biology and chemistry, with experts in proteomics, genomics, biostatistics and advanced digital microscopy. Research at IRB Barcelona is carried out by 22 groups, organized into five programmes, which work together with the common goal of conducting multidisciplinary projects that address important biomedical problems affecting our society. Approximately 450 scientists and technical and administrative staff from 35 countries currently work at the Institute. 

IRB Barcelona is part of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)

Director of the center: Joan J. Guinovart  Renowed Researcher: Modesto Orozco

Excellence and recognition awards
  • 2016 – IRB Barcelona is member of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)
  • 2015 – IRB Barcelona has received the “Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence” seal by the Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation of Spain.
  • 2014 – IRB Barcelona received “Human Resources Excellence in Research” seal from the European Commission.
  • 2012 – IRB Barcelona received the “Narcís Monturiol” seal by the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).
  • IRB has been awarded with 10 European Research Council (ERC) grants.

biysc _research centers and collaborations 2016

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Contact us: contact@biysc.org or groups@biysc.org

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