El bloc del foment de les vocacions científiques

Programes que promouen l’excel·lència educativa i fomenten les vocacions científiques

Join us at BIYSC! If you were to discover a new species, what would you name it?

By  Jordi Lanuza (Communications Manager at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), BIYSC Coordinator of the project “Uncovering the hidden diversity of the oceans”.


BIYSC is an International Scientific Challenge programme, that aims to connect the most passionate science students with the best researchers in their field. Registrations are open, do not lose your place! If you like science and you are between 16-19 years-old you cannot miss BIYSC from July 11th to 22nd 2016 in ‪#‎Barcelona! 10 projects, 10 ‪#‎research centers, two weeks of practical courses to work in research centers side-by-side with researchers, ‪#‎scientific conferences, debates, visits to the research centers and much more! Are you in? www.biysc.org

The Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE) is a joint institute between the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which was created in 2008 in Barcelona. It is currently growing to become an international reference in the field, with plans to host 40-50 groups doing research in evolution. Researchers at the IBE study the processes and mechanisms that generate biodiversity, including topics such as genetic and molecular evolution, population biology, complex systems biology and the recovery of ancient DNA.

Director of the center: Xavier Bellés Renowed Researcher: Iñaki Ruiz

Ranking positioning 

  • Since 2014, IBE ranks in the SCIMAGO Worldwide Rankings of Universities and Research Institutes in terms of Excellence and Q1 – Ratio of publications indicators, being the second institute devoted to Evolutionary Biology in the world.

biysc _research centers and collaborations 2016

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Contact us: contact@biysc.org or groups@biysc.org

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